Our Guarantee

V. KRAUS NURSERIES LTD expressly warrants that stock purchased will be true to name and in good viable condition when leaving the nursery and holds itself in readiness on proper proof to replace such nursery stock which may prove otherwise or refund the original amount paid. Under no circumstance will V. Kraus Nurseries Ltd. be liable for any sum greater than the amount originally received for such stock. V. Kraus Nurseries Ltd.  expressly disclaims any other warranty, expressed or implied as to the productivity, performance, results secured in transplanting or any other consequential damages as there factors are beyond our control. Our warranty is non-transferable and is void if payment of the contract price for all nursery stock shipped is not made in full when due.


All stock is graded in accordance with the guidelines established by the Canadian Nursery Trades Association.


Claims regarding discrepancy in size, quantity, and quality will receive consideration only when made in writing within 10 days from receipt of shipment. All stock travels at the risk of the buyer, therefore claims for damage incurred during transit must be filed immediately with the forwarding company. V. Kraus Nurseries Ltd. will gladly offer assistance in filing such extended claims. Claims regarding disease or viability must be reported upon suspect and no later than July 15th following the date of delivery. Claims reported after this date will not be considered. We reserve the right to ask for presentation of such stock so as to determine the cause or nature of the problem.