Yes.  In fact we have two catalogues – one specifically for orchardists and small fruit growers, and another more general one that lists all of the items that we carry. While the prices in our catalogues are in Canadian Dollars we will be more than happy to do the conversion and quote in your currency. To get a catalogue please email us at

While we are ideally suited to providing large quantities of trees to the trade (Cities, Garden Centres, Landscapers etc.) we are not configured to handle retail business. However, if your local Garden Centre doesn’t have an item you’ve seen here, let them know they can get it for you from V. Kraus Nurseries.

Absolutely.  We accept applications to bid by: e-mail, snail-mail, or fax.

Representatives of the trade are welcome to view our operation and inspect trees for their orders. 

It is recommended that appointments be made.  Please keep in mind that the period of April through June is our peak shipping season, and not convenient for “tours”.

Generally, by the end of each August we have a good idea of what will be available for the next year, and many customers place their orders in the Fall for the following Spring.  Although we do our best to anticipate demand, some items do sell out fairly quickly, and customers that wait until March to place their orders may expect some substitutions in variety or size.

As mentioned above, you can send us your order by phone, fax, e-mail or regular mail. Once we receive you order we will enter it into our system and mail you a confirmation. Shipping dates on confirmations are tentative and dependant upon seasonal digging conditions. Please check your confirmations carefully, and let us know if changes need to be made, as soon as possible.

Deposits are usually required. Should you cancel part, or all, of your order a restocking fee equal to 20% of the cancelled item selling price may be retained from the deposit.

As soon as the weather permits (usually the beginning of April), we start to mass-dig blocks of trees wherever ground conditions are favourable.  We fill orders as trees become available for them. While it is generally recommended that you call our shipping or pick-up department to arrange a date to receive your order, this is mandatory from April to June. We can arrange to have your stock shipped out, or you can make the arrangements yourself.

While all costs of shipping (including inspections, duty and brokerage) are passed on to the customer, V. Kraus Nurseries does not add a surcharge to these costs.  We strive to find the most reasonable manner of getting your stock to you, including combining loads with other customers in your area whenever possible.

If you wish to arrange your own transportation, it is advised that you confer with our shippers for the particular requirements of your shipment. Shipments are FOB our nursery unless otherwise specified.

Due to insurance regulations, and other factors, third-party digging is only permitted by special arrangement.

We are located in Carlisle, Ontario. North of Hamilton and South of Guelph. For our general location, driving directions, and climatic zones – click here.

Yes. We have many customers in the United States, and can ship to Asian and European countries.

Please keep in mind, however, that some varieties are not permitted outside of Canada.

We will arrange for any product we export to be certified free of contaminants by a government inspector before shipping. Naturally, there are also charges for duties and brokerage when the plants cross the border. Unless otherwise specified in writing beforehand, these additional costs are not included in the stock price, and the customer is responsible for paying them.

V. Kraus Nurseries Ltd. warrants that stock purchased will be true to name and in good viable condition when it leaves our nursery. We will replace any such stock that may prove otherwise, or refund the original amount paid. Under no circumstances will V. Kraus Nurseries Ltd. be liable for any sum greater than the amount originally received for such stock.

We give no warranty, expressed or implied as to the productivity, performance or results secured from transplanting of any nursery stock that we sell as these factors are beyond our control.

This warranty is non-transferable and is void if payment of the contract price for all nursery stock shipped is not made in full when due.


All of our stock is graded in accordance with the guidelines established by the Canadian Nursery Trades Association. Discrepancies between the order and the shipment with regard to size, quantity and quality must be reported in writing within 10 days from receipt of shipment. All stock travels at the risk of the buyer – claims for damage during transit must be filed with the forwarding company.

Claims regarding disease or viability should be reported upon suspect and no later than June 1st. following the date of delivery. We reserve the right to ask for presentation of such stock so as to determine the cause or nature of the problem.

Yes. To view our Privacy Policy – click here.

Yes. To view our Accessibility Policy – click here.

Feel free to contact us – we’d really like to hear from you!