With a growing tradition spanning three generations, we are proud of our roots in more ways than one! Cultivating quality nursery stock has always been, and still is, what V. KRAUS NURSERIES does best. Our combined knowledge, skills and experience are strengthened by a keen observation of the natural world in which we operate. Always using the lessons from nature to inform and refine our growing practices, we strive to tread lightly on the earth while supplying quality plants that enhance life. ‘Down to earth’ is what we are all about.

We are experts in the propagation of native, ornamental and fruit trees.  Our shade trees undergo structural pruning to guide and manage their architectural integrity in such a way to resist failure, improve aesthetics and promote longevity.

At V. Kraus Nurseries we aim to provide top notch wholesale service to customers in Canada and beyond. Over the years we have developed a sturdy means of operating in order to best cater to our eclectic variety of clients. We go out of our way to accommodate the horticultural needs of wholesale customers new and old. Please call to inquire about our custom budding and growing services.


Kraus utilizes various cutting edge methods of fruit tree propagation including bud grafting, staking and refined pruning techniques.  Using these methods, we are able to deliver a supreme quality of fruit trees to the local Ontario region and beyond.

Our staff is consistently pruning and staking all of our ornamental shade trees to perfection in order to ensure the most aesthetically pleasing shape and strong stature.

Our History

It began in 1920 – Velvary, Czechoslovakia. This is where Joseph Kraus Sr. operated a nursery and first shared his love of growing plants with his young son Vratislav (Victor). After leaving his homeland and apprenticing at a variety of nurseries in Germany, Switzerland and France, Victor landed in Canada. In 1951 he and his young wife Eva put down roots in Carlisle, Ontario and founded V. Kraus Nurseries Limited.

For the first three years, Victor cultivated their 5 1/2 acres lot with a horse and plow. They propagated rose bushes and fruit trees, and people came from miles around to view the rows of beautiful blooms along Centre Road. As each year passed, both the nursery and the family began to grow. By the end of 1961, Eva and Victor found themselves working 28 acres of land and raising five daughters. As they became old enough each of the girls began to help out on the farm, all the while gaining valuable experience for later years.

Victor’s passion for horticulture, combined with his own experience, was the perfect combination for plant production. Willing to experiment with new techniques, his methods of planting and pruning began to influence the industry.

Over the next couple of decades the size of the nursery increased to several hundred acres and many additional employees. Now into a seventh decade as a wholesale grower V. Kraus Nurseries Limited has earned its reputation as one of Canada’s best sources for plant material.

Victor passed away in 2005 leaving the next generation to carry on his legacy. With the help of a dedicated staff & an ever-growing number of loyal customers, the future remains bright for this pioneering nursery.

J. Kraus in Czechoslovakia
Shipping in Czechoslovakia
Horse and wagon
Old truck & cars 1961