Ontario Wholesale Grower of Nursery Stock

Quality that stems from over 65 years of experience

V. Kraus is a wholesale grower of nursery stock since 1951. We partner with nature to cultivate superior trees that demonstrate structural integrity and regional hardiness. Our aim is to help green the earth by providing quality plants to wholesale growers, orchardists, landscapers, cities, environmental groups and others. We would be very happy to help you put down some roots too! Let’s talk.





Our Philosophy

Ever since Vratislav Kraus founded the nursery in 1951, our philosophy has been the same: to grow quality nursery stock which is structurally sound and of a superior shape

Growers and Wholesalers of Ornamental Trees and Fruit Trees

V. Kraus Nurseries LTD operates over 650 acres of hardy Ontario stock. We specialize in growing native and fruit trees. Our genuine love and interest in plants is spread across 650 acres of hardy Ontario stock. Native and fruiting trees are our specialty. Always true to name, we grow an extensive selection of varieties and rootstocks. Our relationships with research institutes, including the University of Guelph, Vineland Research & Innovation Centre, Summerland Varieties Corp., and various plant breeders enables us to propagate and supply both disease resistant and newly released varieties.